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Medical Inventory Software
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About Us

To stay ahead in today’s ASC market, organizations need to provide quality care through a streamlined environment. When looking to obtain efficiency and functionality, companies often face obstacles to accommodate diverse technologies, strict requirements, security concerns, and stringent business goals. These requirements usually surpass available capacity of a proper information technology infrastructure.

Mednet is a software development company backed by 15 years of experience in the Outpatient Surgical Center industry, exclusively dedicated to development, implementation, and ongoing support of a Surgical Center software - OASIS™ (Online Ambulatory Surgical Information Systems) and Medical Inventory Software - MIRA™ (Medical Inventory Reporting Application). At Mednet, we are working hard in providing our clients with the #1 Outpatient Surgical Center Software in the market.

Improve your profitability
Supply Chain Management System to control cost of inventory
  Mednet offers the industry’s most advanced Inventory Management Solution with proven tools to help Surgical Centers be cost effective and time efficient. These products are not just your typical purchasing tools but have features built in such as Audit Contracts, Vendor Contract Upload, Best Price PO, Perpetual and Just-in-Time Inventory, and Barcode and EDI technology.
Revenue Cycle Management tools to optimize collections
  Popular features such as Financial Calculators, Virtual Aging, and Collection Manager, offers ASC’s collection staff with tools to improve profitability by reducing time spent in manual calculations, improving accuracy, and minimizing the margin of error in patient account follow up.
Attractive pricing with upfront license fee or monthly subscription plan
  Pricing Structure is simple with all inclusive features. Facility can buy the User License upfront with an annually maintenance fee or use it for a monthly subscription cost. Pricing tiers are based on number of concurrent user licenses. Mednet offers more features, better products, for less cost.
Minimum infrastructure cost with web based solution or an option to host locally
  Our secure and reliable, HIPAA compliant online hosting offers ASC’s with cost effective infrastructure as there is no requirement for Networking and Server Hosting. An ASC also has the option to host the application on their local servers, where it is also accessible from the web.
  Contact Us for more details and to schedule a quick web demo.