Medical Inventory Software - MIRA (Medical Inventory and Reporting Application)

MIRA features the industry’s most advanced Medical Inventory Software.  Our design and development team have created a software which is more than your typical purchasing tool. Full support of Barcode technology and submission of Purchase Orders electronically via EDI has put us in the lead to provide most efficient Perpetual, Periodic, and Just-in-Time Inventory system.

Key Features of MIRA are –

  • Purchase Order through EDI, Email or Fax
  • Mobile Application for Purchasing, Receiving, and Depletion
  • Purchase Trends Graphs
  • Best Price Shopping
  • Contract Upload Tools
  • Equipment Management including Usage and Maintenance Tracking
  • Preference Card and Case Costing
  • Implant and Consignment Item Tracking
  • Invoicing and Accounts Payable
  • Over 75 Reports
  • Integration with Barcode Technology
  • Dashboard with Alerts, Notice Board, Task Management, and built in Secure Email